Russell Masters

russMan of few vegetables.

Russell Masters started as a runner at Omnicon Video in 1984.

He thought it was all glitz and glamor, so he spent two years in the studio and on location assisting in all facets of productions from painting studio floors, scaling lighting grids, through to camera operating.

Although much fun was had on the production side, the flashing timecode displays of post production mesmerized him into a sense of armchair comfort.

Russell ventured headlong into the on-line editing environment. From Tape Assist/Junior Editor to Senior Editor.

His regular clients included David Denneen, Peter Cherry, Jeff Darling, Ross Nichols, Bruce Hunt, Graeme Burfoot, Tony Williams and many others. Due to the ‘full service’ nature of the Omnicon facility, and the effects-heavy work they were producing, offline, telecine, paintbox and 3D were all everyday facets of the job.

From pressing buttons to wiggling a pen – Russell moved to Videolab in 1993 as senior compositor on the first Quantel Henry system in Sydney.

By 1997 Videolab had grown quickly in all areas including telecine, 3D, design and compositing, and it soon became clear that the role of visual effects supervisor was becoming more necessary for pre-production, shoot supervision and overall post integration. Russell’s move into this role helped create an environment that drew clients from Australia and internationally to this world class facility.

In 2001, Russell was unleashed upon the world as a freelance Visual Effects Supervisor. During that time he worked internationally on campaigns including Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Germany), Discovery Channel (US), FedEx (Japan), Carapelli Olive Oil, Jennie-O-Turkey Stores, and locally for Qantas, Panasonic, Ford, Holden and Carlton United Breweries.

His vast experience and his long term relationships with directors, clients & artists combined with the ability to supervise a project from pre-production right through to delivery of the masters that enables Russell to consistently produce world class work in a professional and easy going environment.

Renee Masters


Renee is the better half of the Master’s duo.

After an early hairdressing career, Renee decided to change industry’s and started off as a librarian/dubs girl at Videolab when she was still a child, yet barely legal.

It was the early 90’s and there was no such thing as a budget. Clients had money to burn and fun times were to be had. The alcohol flowed freely and daily, the parties were regular and the drugs were cheap!

She decided then and there that this was the industry for her!

After a few years in the library, Renee began to frequent the producers/facilities office and would constantly pressure them to let her do things for them. She weaseled her way in and then spent the next 10 years, learning everything she possibly could about post-production.

Once her long service kicked in, it was time to collect and have a month long holiday. After a holiday to Fiji, then Japan, she reluctantly realized that you have to keep working to have more holidays. Damn that!

Brief stints were done at Plaza Films & Post Office films, before she was snapped up by MRPPP (Method), to start up their Sydney office. After 6 years running the show and just before another merger took place, (which Renee had become use to being at Videolab!) she decided it was time to fly the coup and go and work with her hubby at Fanatic Films.

She’s now her own boss and the fridge has never been more stocked then ever before.

Come in and join her for a cup-cake or a glass of wine and check out our fabulous Pyrmont terrace!

Joe Maurici

Growing up in an Italian household, Joe thought there was no food he hadn’t devoured or knew of. That all changed a few years back when he found out what a rissole was. Having been laughed at and ridiculed by his girlfriend’s Australian family, enough was enough. He packed up and traveled halfway around the globe to discover other delicacies…

Only problem was, Joe ended up in Italy eating everything as he had before. Appearing on Biggest Loser Italia was short lived, as he put on 25kg in the first week. Continuing around the country eating Gelato from everywhere possible and sometimes not so possible, he stopped to rest with family deep in the hills down south. After hearing gunshots in a nearby Calabrian town he packed up again looking for a safer, yet more gourmet solution…

Tanzania, Africa! Teaching in a Pre School and sleeping in the Serengeti, the hard days of many kilometer walks were rewarded with cheap and beautiful eats. The hour long waits for meals had Joe constantly searching for a better option. Walking down the main straight in Moshi, he was once again dodging bullets from the military with drop rolls behind bushes. After the town stopped pointing and laughing at him, he decided to come back home.

Joe has a complete understanding of the post industry having worked at The Lab, The Tait Gallery, Postmodern, Eye Candy and Zspace to name a few. He can now be found at Fanatic looking for a place to put in a wood fire oven. Joe is our senior editor and compositor.

Nikki Rubino


Half Italian heritage, although her father was exiled at a young age as the mafia must have known in advance that his second daughter was to despise tomatoes.

Nikki has come a long way since her days of stocking footwear shelves at Big W at night, selling cakes at Michelle’s during the day followed by pouring beers on the weekend at St George Motorboat club. Finally enough was enough and she was whisked away for a year to London by the love of her life and lived the pommie life selling gym memberships. Seeing as she missed many of her best mates 21sts, she decided to gather all the incriminating photos and video footage in her possession and create video presentations to be played on each night. It was the abundance of great feedback of these videos that made her think – hmm that was fun, how can I turn this into a career?

Upon return to Aus she landed a position at Singletons as the bottom of the chain in dubs and TV despatch, which eventuated into junior editor of edit suite 03. But Nikki wanted more so put the feelers out and landed a job as assistant editor at The Tait Gallery although this was not meant to be as the business closed down due to the GFC and Nikki was out of work. Luckily due to the contact with Singos and the need of Coke Hype Tapes she picked up some Freelance work with Fanatic and the 3 day stint lasted an extra 5 weeks. As Nikki is known for her social attitude she had to jet set off to Spain for a wedding before returning to Fanatic full time.

She started off covering reception in her fluro attire and funky shoes keeping the two boys in line and tending to all client needs while fitting in smaller edit jobs when the chance arose.
Now thanks to more ladies in the building Nikki has moved into the newly created Edit Suite 03 down the back and taking her Doof Doof playlists and penguin buddies with her.

Nikki now works from the Dj Pingu Suite assisting the boys and freelancers – creating hype films & animatics – and becoming the Data back up queen of the building.
How is all this creativity able to flow with such an abundance of energy you ask? Knowing there is a bottle of Malibu in the freezer for the end of the day and Renee and Michelle right beside her with their Vodka and Spiced Rum !

Michelle Webb


Michelle is Fanatic’s newest member and the baby of the team (fun fact, she was born on the day Nirvana released Nevermind, feeling old yet?). Lover of all things striped, Michelle is the smiling blondie that we can guarantee will try to ruin your diet with an assortment of home baked treats that she is constantly pumping out of Fanatic’s kitchen.

Coming from a working background in music, Michelle found that the sporadic nature of work for singers and songwriters just does not pay the rent. She’s spent the past few years studying music composition and sound production whilst slugging it out in the world of retail and hospitality to pay her way.

After a short trip away to explore Europe and America, she returned to the humdrum of her retail store and thought, “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” Shortly after beginning her search for greater opportunities Michelle stumbled (literally, she learnt very quickly not to wear heels in the office) into Fanatic and found the place she wanted to be.

Did we mention she is a seasoned cocktail bartender too? Just what the Fanatic team needed! Next time you visit our HQ you might just be lucky enough to see Michelle in action, whipping up cocktails in fresh coconut shells!

Hudson Masters


Welcome Hudson Masters ! (aka Shadow)

It was love at first sight with Renee while walking him from Monika’s Doggie Rescue. It was always a struggle for the both of them to part ways when it was time for Hudson to return – Seriously who could resist those big brown eyes.

So it was Renee’s mission to give him the better life he deserved. Off she went to tell Russ they were getting a dog.

Huds has been a very welcomed addition to the office and slowly breaking out of his little timid shell.

There are 3 places you will usually find Huds in the building
1. Pitter pattering after Renee’s every move up and down the stairs.
2. Curled on his mattress sleeping under Renee’s desk.
3. Sleeping in a sunny patch of floor on Russ’s carpet

He is the new ninja of the building with his stealth like moves and camouflage fur on the black couches. He loves long walks around Pyrmont, sleeping and will always welcome a good belly scratch once he knows who you are.

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